Cannadaily continues with its series “Genetics Of The Week” and introduces you to the cannabis strain… LSD! 

What are the origins of LSD? 

Created by Barney’s Farm Seeds, LSD is a trippy strain named after the famous hallucinogenic substance. 

This Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between a Mazar and a Skunk #1. 

Taste and Scent

The strain LSD smells like a tangy lemon-lime musk. At times comes a sweet, creamy, and nutty aroma that varies from one phenotype to another.  The taste is dominated by the Afghani part of the lineage rather than the Skunk.


The strain LSD produces some psychedelic effects. That said, you won’t have hallucinations. The strain brings a combination of physical slowing down and increased mental activity. 

The overall experience is joyful and ends up with an Indica relaxation. Users with little experience may find themselves mentally stuck with this strain. We therefore only recommend experienced users to use it. 

LSD is quite potent, with THC levels reaching up to 24%. CBD level can go up to 5% but generally stays around 1%. LSD is euphoric and cheerful.

What for? 

Medical patients turn to LSD for its powerful pain-relieving effects. People suffering from depression or chronic stress will also appreciate the mental stimulation of this strain. Its final Indica effect may help with insomnia. 

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