Pakistan Regulates Cannabis Production

We think of Pakistan, and two things can come to mind; One of them could be the huge illegality of selling cannabis, within the country, and that people can face a prison sentence if they are caught. Also, we can also think in the incredible hashish they have.

As we know, the extension in the production of cannabis since it grows naturally in many areas of the country. Its cultivation also spreads due to political and economic instability, where the sale of hash is the livelihood of many families.

A Little Bit of History

Because of this, Pakistan is one of the largest producers of cannabis in the world. Although alcohol is frowned upon, cannabis use is frequent, it can be seen growing naturally on the side of the road!

Did you know that the first cannabis seeds arrived with the Muslim conquest from the 8th century? 

Well, according to legend, hashish did not begin to become popular until the late 1960s. Starts when a group of travelers brought the technique of sifting or beating, from the area of Afghanistan and Pakistan to Morocco.

Therefore, when we talk about Afghan hashish, we may be dealing with the purest and oldest. Far older than the 1960’s which would be Royal Afghani AKA Afghan black, Gold Stamp it has many names. It is a super malleable , soft , delicious black hashish which is found in the tribal regions of Pakistan.


Leaving the history of Pakistan, we will return to the political point of view. Previously, there were no medical cannabis programs in the country. 

That means all forms of cannabis were illegal, regardless of whether they are used to treat medical conditions or not. 

Well, this has changed. Since Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the Anti-Narcotics Control, marijuana can be used for medicinal and commercial purposes.

In fact, the Anti Narcotics Control sent a summary to the cabinet which was approved.

The fact that the Pakistani government has decided to legalize the cultivation and production of medical marijuana is a great historical move.

And for now, this change has been imposed in three districts of Sindh, Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

The cultivation will be legally cultivated in three areas.

Including an 18 Kanal site near the Murree Expressway, a 10-acre site at Haripur University, KP, and a four-acre site at Mirpur Sakro, Sindh.

They will also export medicine

Not only that, medicines that are produced from hemp can also be exported to other countries.

That means that modifications will also be carried out in the 2006 Export Policy Order.

So far, the Minister of Science and Technology has made it clear that industrial hemp can only be cultivated under government control. It is only cultivated for the medicinal part that the cannabis plant provides us since then.

 “The seed of the plant is used to make hemp oil, the leaf is used in medicine, while the stem is used to make fiber that could one day replace cotton in the textile industry, ” said Fawad Chaudhry.

It is an incredibly beautiful thing that in countries like Thailand and Pakistan,

which are Asian, and most of the locals are Muslim,

the mindset is changing about cannabis and they can see it for what it is, a healing and medicinal plant.

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