One of the world’s largest Cannabis production facilities in Australia

We had not heard news about Australia for a long time, or at least positive news. 2020 was a painful year for Australians, the huge fires that devastated most of their forests and animals, which come from and live only in Australia.

But this year 2021 is full of optimism and great changes. It will soon be home to one of the world’s largest medical cannabis production facilities in this beautiful country, with the push to move patients away from the thriving black market, where there is hardly enough therapeutic cannabis.

world's largest Cannabis Australia

Now Australian company Cannatrek will be able to develop the $ 160 million plant near Shepparton.

It appears that there are plans to produce 160 tons of medical cannabis each year. In addition to creating 400 jobs in the process.
Tommy Huppert, Cannatrek’s CEO, said that Shepparton is one of the first locations in Australia to access the growing market. “We believe that the region will become an important center for the production of medicinal cannabis,” he said.


According to Huppert, Shepparton was selected for its “abundant water, long hours of sunlight and passionate people” with significant skills in agricultural technology. For that reason, the company purchased 178 acres of land about a year ago. He also worked hard to obtain planning permits from the local council.
For now the installation will be in a greenhouse. Very similar to tomato or herb greenhouses. All of this it´s being approved by the Greater Shepparton City Council and the Federal Government. In fact, the Greater Shepparton City Council has welcomed Cannatrek’s investment in the region.

world's largest Cannabis Australia


Cannatrek estimated at least 500,000 Australians who buy cannabis on the black market each year to self-medicate.
Mr. Huppert hopes the facility will help reduce risk to patients.
“It’s really about creating a clean product that is a therapeutic product of choice. The problem with the black market is that nobody knows how it is grown or what chemicals are used,” he said.

canna trek

And while such a greenhouse is being built, Australians surely will keep buying on the black market. Since medical cannabis can cost a patient up to $ 1,000 a week or $ 52,000 a year. Wow, outrageous.
Although, on the other hand, and despite its high cost, the company said that the number of prescriptions for medicinal cannabis has increased steadily, with the authorities granting approximately 11,500 approvals under the TGA’s Special Access Scheme. Almost 10,500 were approved in the last year.
At the moment in Australia there are only 54 licensed prescribers, they are GPs and oncologists, and they can only prescribe the drug to relieve those who suffer from chronic pain. Also epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anorexia.

So this year Australia will win by giving work to many of its people, creating nature and medication from it. The right medication for your patients.

world's largest Cannabis australia

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