cbd shops france

Long live France, Long live CBD

Another country in the BOOM of the CBD market!
This time we are talking about France, and it is that, according to the defenders, the market for the compound without THC could reach one billion euros, since the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that it is legal and it was concluded that CBD is not a narcotic.

Last November, the Court of Justice of the European Union announced that France could not ban the sale of CBD, as it had been legally produced in another European member state.Following this news, stores began selling CBD products wildly. In the CBD market we can see the sale of tea, cooking oil, honey, massage oil, cosmetics, etc.

cbd shops France


And it’s not just the best-known stores that sell these products. Entrepreneurs are getting the hang of it. According to a real estate agent in Paris, Kevin Uzan, co-founder of the commercial agency Commerce Immo, told to Le Monde newspaper that he has about 100 calls a day. And that gets 10-15 people looking for CBD sites in Paris. “They are looking for bohemian-style neighborhoods like République, Bastille, Marais, Saint-Germain and Saint-Michel,” as he said. There are now about 300 stores and counting, including about 50 under the Deli Hemp franchise.

cbd shops France

Apparently CBD products will be found in the bohemian neighborhoods, or as it were, in the hipsters of the city.
France will no longer be known only for its gastronomy and its taste for fashion. But now you can walk through its bohemian neighborhoods, go buy some product made from cannabis, and then sit on a typical Parisian terrace to have a good glass of wine with views of the Eiffel Tower. Sounds good on the plan, don’t you think?
And maybe if France, with its glamor that represents it, accepts cannabis products and sells them to this kind of refined customer. Cannabis, over time, may no longer be viewed or misjudged in the rest of Europe and ultimately the world. And the plant will be judged as what reality is, a healing plant.


cbd shops France

One owner of the Green Valllée brand, now has two stores in Paris. One in the 15th arrondissement and the other in the 17th, told Le Monde: “We sell everything that is based on CBD”. All products have less than 0.2% THC and therefore are not considered drugs, according to European legislation.
“We don’t have THC, but we do have the good side of cannabidiol. However, we still do not recommend its use to children ”. said the owner.

As a result of this big change, it is not just stores opening in Paris. They are also starting to open in major cities like Bordeaux, Marseille, and Lyon. Also, their CBD products have new “100% legal” labels.

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