Cannabis and metaverse: a cannabis supplier opens a virtual store.

The cannabis industry has established itself in the metaverse. A company called Higher Life claims to be the first cannabis brand to jump into the digital world.

Saucey Farms & Extracts partnered with Higher Life to sell cannabis products in the metaverse.

Two cannabis companies have teamed up to sell real products in the metaverse. Saucey Farms & Extracts is in charge of selling luxury cannabis products, while Higher Life CBD Dispensary is the point of sale for those items.

Higher Life opened a digital store on which customers can purchase Saucey Farm cannabis products. The digital store is located at 3 Dendrite Street, near the Igloo 3 in the world of Cryptovoxels. Customers can stumble upon objects such as giant frog statues while purchasing cannabis.

Saucey Farms was founded by Alex Todd, who became a cannabis entrepreneur, and rapper Jim Jones. The company offers luxurious cannabis products “organically grown, gently processed and of superior quality”.

In December 2021, Brandon Howard launched Higher Life CBD Dispensary within the metaverse. 

“This marked the company’s historic beginnings as the world’s first metaverse dispensary. Higher Life is rooted in the vitality the plant offers its consumers. We continue to innovate to find new ways to extend its remarkable health benefits to all,” explained Brandon Howard. 

At the beginning, the metaverse shop only offered basic cannabis products. Now, customers can purchase products ranging from flower strains, cartridges of natural cannabis oil to rolling papers.

Alex Todd from Saucey Farms said that when he met Brandon from Higher Life last year, they both felt like this project needed to happen.

 “It is exciting to be at the forefront of cannabis innovation and technology with our product. This is one of many firsts in metaverse space. We are honored to lead the creation of new ways for people to access and experience cannabis,” he said.

“We couldn’t imagine a better partner to expand our footprint within the metaverse. I am delighted to count Saucey as an exclusive partner to launch phase 2 of the project with us. We are both very excited to continue pushing the boundaries of cannabis e-commerce,” Brandon Howard added.  

Saucey products can be purchased from the metaverse store with fiat currency or cryptocurrencies. The two companies also wish to launch a cannabis NFT (non-fungible token) later this year.

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