Albania: Prime Minister consults citizens on the legalization of medical cannabis

Following a nationwide consultation initiative, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama consulted the citizens of Albania on the legalization of medical cannabis.

The government opens up the debate of legalization.

The medical cannabis debate is open in the country. Edi Rama affirmed that the opinion of the citizens of Albania is necessary for the government to make a final decision about the legalization of medical cannabis. 

“Some believe that Albania should allow the cultivation, processing, and export of cannabis for medical purposes, under state control, without legalizing it for personal use. Others say cannabis shouldn’t be allowed for medical purposes either. What do you think ? » can we read.

The questionnaire also states that “medical cannabis, which is different from cannabis for personal use, has curative effects largely proven by science. However, as the experience of different countries in the region or the world shows, the controlled use of cannabis by the state has a very positive impact not only on health but also on economic growth and the fight against the illegal use of this plant.»

Albania is one of the leading producers of cannabis in Europe.

Today, Albania is one of the most significant cannabis-producing countries in Europe. The consumption of cannabis is not included in the list of infractions, and the possession of small amounts of cannabis is not punishable by law. However, the regulation is stricter when it comes to the sale or supply of cannabis. Any form of sale is considered an illegal activity if the quantity is greater than a “single dose” with a potential sentence of five to ten years in prison. 

Furthermore, it is illegal to cultivate cannabis even though cannabis is widely cultivated across the country. The post-communist era in the country was marked by widespread poverty, and many rural communities started to depend on income generated from the illegal cultivation of the plant. Nowadays, the mafia controls a large part of cannabis production.

In 2016, The Albanian government discussed the legalization of the cultivation of industrial hemp without reaching any conclusion on the topic. Let’s see what happens in the following weeks; we at Cannadaily, surely hope to give you fantastic news soon!

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