Rapper Berner Launches Cannabis Training Scholarships For Marginalized Communities

Rapper Berner, former NBA star Chris Webber and cannabis investor, joins Jason Wild to create cannabis training scholarships for marginalized communities. 

The training program focuses on providing resources and creating opportunities for the marginalized communities within the cannabis industry. A beautiful project for the communities of color who have been (and still are!) deeply impacted by the War on Drugs. 

The initiative comes from a partnership between the Cookies Social Impact Program and the WebberWild Impact Fund; a private equity fund focused on entrepreneurs of color in the cannabis industry.

“Cookies U provides a path for people who have risked their freedom to be in this industry or have not been able to access cannabis jobs because of disparities in circumstances,” said Berner, founder, and CEO of Cookies. “I’m thrilled to partner with WebberWild, who understands the urgency of promoting diversity in cannabis. We set out to create a program that makes the first step towards a career in cannabis easy for those who are eligible, whether they are a high school graduate or a working parent. ”

Cookies U will enroll students from marginalized communities and provide them with a three-month educational program. The organization will cover tuition as well as housing for all students. The main goal is to prepare students for jobs across the supply chain of the cannabis industry, from retail, cultivation, extraction to marketing and corporate financing. 

Eligible students will be able to apply for additional compensation for lost wages or daycare expenses as long as they are crucial to their participation in the program.

“Not only have minorities been excessively punished and incarcerated for cannabis while others profited, but they have also had unequal access to education, which perpetuates cycles of low-pay and unemployment. It is crucial that we allow those who have been impacted by the Drug War and racism to participate and benefit from the cannabis industry,” said Chris Webber, co-founder of the WebberWild Fund. “Working with Berner and Cookies allows us to diversify representation within the cannabis industry and provide people from these communities with the tools they need for long-term success.”

Students interested in applying can fill out this form.

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