Playboy Celebrates National Cannabis Awareness Month

In Celebration of National Cannabis Awareness Month taking place throughout April, Playboy Enterprises announced a month-long initiative supporting cannabis reform and advocacy in the United States. 

The company is well known for being a robust player in advocating for cannabis legalization most particularly through its campaigns. Playboy wishes to further the conversation around cannabis reform and social justice, supported by important partners including the Marijuana Policy Project and Eaze Momentum. 

“Playboy has been fighting for cannabis rights for over six decades, and today we are closer than ever to achieving our goal of full federal legalization. Now is the time to make sure we do this right,” said Rachel Webber, Chief Brand Officer and President of Corporate Strategy at PLBY Group. “We are proud to support the amazing work our partners at Marijuana Policy Project are doing to ensure that the new laws enacted around legal cannabis are humane, combat injustices, and promote equality.”

“As we continue the fight to end cannabis prohibition nationwide, MPP is proud to partner with Playboy in celebration of National Cannabis Awareness Month,” said Steven Hawking, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project. “Our shared vision for humane and equitable cannabis policies will help to ensure a diverse and inclusive future for legal cannabis that roots out injustices and empowers individuals and communities all across the country.”

Playboy is a pioneer in the cannabis space since the brand isa founding donor of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). 

The Playboy Foundation will make a donation of $25,000 to the Marijuana Policy Project to support their cause for fair and equitable cannabis policy in the fight for federal legalization and expungement. Marijuana Policy Project mobilizes resources to create policy solutions to improve the quality of life for patients and their families, empower individuals with personal choice and combat injustices. Playboy will also use its media platform to talk about cannabis. 

Playboy is known to push boundaries through its business. The company has launched a pleasure-forward CBD range of products as well as smoking accessories.

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