FIJI ISLAND: The country considers entering the cannabis industry.

We have some good news! The Fiji Islands could soon enter the cannabis industry. During the 23rd conference of the Attorney General, President Ratu Wiliame Katonivere said the country should open up to cannabis-related business for industrial and medical purposes.

Growing and buying cannabis in the South Pacific ocean might soon be a reality!

The cannabis market is opening more and more every day, even in the most remote places on Earth like the Fiji Islands, a small archipelago of Oceania made up of 332 islands located north of New Zealand.

As of today, cannabis remains illegal, punishable by fines, and imprisonment in the Fiji Islands. And it’s such a shame!

The Fiji Islands benefit from an ideal climate to cultivate cannabis and host cannabis operations. Hence, the cannabis industry could offer a significant opportunity for the region in regard to economic diversification.

Industrializing hemp to develop the economy of the islands

The cannabis market’s continuous opportunities for economic development caught the attention of the local authority. Current president Ratu Wiliame Katonivere joined the list of high-profile people calling for the industrialization of hemp.

“The product is proving to be a high-value business, Fiji should not hesitate to exploit it.” – said the president at the 23rd conference of the Attorney General at the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa in Natadola.

“These industries give thousands of jobs globally, and many countries are discovering that industrial hemp offers enormous economic potential – he continued – the industrialization of hemp has far-reaching implications; one cannot focus solely on current policies. And government legislation addressing the illegal use and psychotropic effects of hemp” he added.

Industrial hemp is by all mean a miraculous plant thanks to its more than 25,000 different estimated uses, including food, textiles, as construction material, and also to create quality ropes and paper.

Speaking to an audience of over 350 lawyers, Ratu Wiliame said “it would be necessary to set up a significant support structure to develop this market.”

Fiji Islands are on the path to reframing current laws and institutional structures to support the cannabis industry

“It also challenges us to review current laws and institutional structures supporting the agricultural export sector – concluded the president – and to develop an all-encompassing institutional and legal framework.” Discussions on industrial and medical hemp also took place during the meeting.

Even though nothing is settled yet, discussions on industrializing hemp have begun in the Fiji islands and well, we couldn’t be happier about that news, could we?

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