Jay Z, succesful musician, entrepreneur and business man.

La propia línea de cannabis de Jay-Z, Monogram

Hace solo unos días, Jay Z, el famoso rapero y magnate de los negocios, lanzó su propia marca de cannabis llamada Monogram.

A high-end cannabis brand has joined forces with Jay Z, a brand called Caliva
a California based, with 600+ employees and one of the top brands in California to date.

Also the holder of the number one cannabis strain in California in 2019.

They are a reputable brand who intend on bringing out other cannabis lines with other well known artists.

Caliva is looking to partner with someone like Jay Z so they can reach more people as they believe people are looking for a plant-based solution to their health problems.

Monogram packaging inspires luxury.


Monogram products range from $40US to $70US

 The Brand has a focus on cigars and pre rolled joints.

 They also have a range of flowers sold in rather cool jars.

The website alone is a dark cool experience leaving you with the urge to hunt down a dispensary.

The below picture gives you an idea of the luxury feel they are going for.

First grown in small batches to maintain control and quality, each nug is then hand-picked by MONOGRAM experts to ensure a premium experience from grow to smoke. Not too heavy.

Not too light. Hits just right. Our 4g jar offers cannabis perfected.

Jay Z has sung about it, smoked it, and now he’s selling it – he wants to refine the industry and redefine growth with a better quality trusted, and consistent brand. 

Standing out in a saturated market

What they plan to do to make themselves different in a very competitive market,
The plan is to have a trusted consistent brand and introduce other music artists.

 Creating a line of products that caters to one of the biggest cannabis markets in the world (California)

This is not an easy task as the black market is a strong competitor,
 And getting recognized by providing good products is not easy in what was the birthplace of legal medical weed back in 1996.

Black as the branding color for Monogram.

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