Cannabis Edibles Expo

The stage is set—this year’s Cannabis Edibles Expo is ready to welcome their esteemed guests! 

Cannabis professionals and industry experts will gather for one reason at this year’s B2B global Cannabis Edibles Expo, which will take place on Nov. 12 in San Francisco and on Nov. 16 in Chicago; to teach you the secrets to success.

A professional trade event, the Cannabis Edibles Expo exists to answer every question you’ve ever had about cannabis edibles. This part of the cannabis world is taking off in a huge way; it’s time to discover what this could mean for you and your future. When you leave this event, you will have the connections and the tools you need to develop lucrative partnerships in the world of cannabis edibles.

At the conference you will have access to all the information needed to create your own brand of edibles, as well as the essential skills to bring a great product to market. Cannabis edibles are one of the fastest-growing parts of the cannabis industry, ranging from little indulgences to complex, whole-infused meals.

Today’s cannabis buyers want it all: flavor, safety, quality and availability. At the Cannabis Edibles Expo, you can expect to interface with leaders from top cannabis brands who will give you the inside track in each of these areas.

Who would you like to be in the years to come? A businessperson on the bleeding edge of cannabis technology? A C-level cannabis executive? Or will you be a cannabis educator, advocate, chef oranalyst? No matter where your interests lie, all the information you need to grow your business or start a new one will be at the Cannabis Edibles Expo 2021, right after the Cannabis Drinks Expo. Make it a two-day event for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about the two largest and fastest-growing sectors of the cannabis industry.

Start your journey through the upper atmosphere of entrepreneurship; merge your ideas with like-minded professionals and take your cannabis career to the next level. Act now to reserve your entrance passport to the Cannabis Edibles Expo 2021 today! 

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