Washington’s 1st Annual Craft Cannabis Cup Competition

The 2020 first Washington Craft Cannabis Cup recently celebrated cannabis producers and processors from across the state as they competed in various categories! Due to covid restrictions, the award ceremony was broadcasted online. 

The competition was organized by the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association, a trade group of cannabis producers and processors from the state. 

The event was only open to all WSLCB licensed craft producers and processors. The Cup presented awards in 15 categories which included:

  • Flowers 
  • Edibles 
  • Concentrates 
  • Infused Pre-rolled
  • Topicals 

 Washington is in fact known to produce the best cannabis in the US. The judges were composed of store owner, budtenders, social media influencers and consumers. They collectively selected the finalists in each category based on the following criterias: 

  • Packaging 
  • Appearance 
  • Fragrance 
  • Smoothness
  • Taste
  • Effect
  • Overall experience

Some categories were based on certain criteria, for instance on the quality of the product, or the production techniques (outdoor, greenhouses, light deprivation techniques). 

Those competitions are importants as they help recognize the artwork of cannabis farmers. Growing cannabis is more than just farming, it’s creating an experience for all senses. 

The association is currently organizing for the fourth time the Sun Cup for which entries are still welcome, as well as applications for judges. 

Here is a recap of the winners of the Washington’s 1st Annual Craft Cannabis Cup Competition: 

Best full-term sungrown flowerBest light-dep sungrown flowerBest CBD flower
Winner: Rolexx, Eagle TreesWinner: Slurricane, Lazy Bee GardensWinner: Harlequin, Washington Bud Company
Best indoor and greenhouse-grown flowerBest infused jointBest solvent-free rosin
Winner: Tropicana Cookies, Good Good GardenWinner: Diamond Tips, Gold Leaf and Polar IcetractsWinner: Malibu Marsha, No Mids
Best CBD cartridgeBest THC cartridgeBest dab
Winner: Remedy, Puffin FarmsWinner: Wedding Cake, Lazy Bee GardensWinner: Mochi Gelato, Lefties Cannabis Co
Best prerollBest topicalBest savory edible
Winner: Smokes Lavender Kush, RavenWinner: Solace, Green RevolutionWinner: Lori’s Roasted Garlic Potato Chips, Craft Elixirs
Best CBD edibleBest tinctureBest sweet edible
Winner: Pioneer Squares Sour Cherry, Sour ElixirsWinner: Finest Cannabis Tincture Beauty Sleep, Green RevolutionWinner: Mixed Flavor Doozies, Green Revolution

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