Blockchain technology : an NFT for the institutional control of medicinal cannabis

Juan Pablo Tur, president of the Federation of Business Associations of La Safor, and José Pelegrí Sebastiá, researcher in the field of electronic technology at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, attended the presentation of a new innovative product based on blockchain technology, the NFT Cryptoseeds.

The president of the FAES had the opportunity to discover an innovative product presented at the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness. NFT technology has been patented and meets many industry needs: traceability, chain of custody and certified openness.

The next step is to accelerate the development, commercialization and approval of the method in the countries where the legal culture of therapeutic cannabis is regulated.

It is expected that the NFT certificate will have a global impact in the medical cannabis industry. The interest of investors and the growth of the sector make the introduction of new technologies necessary. These innovative technologies will allow the creation of new jobs while consolidating the international profile of companies in the sector.

Cryptoseeds NFT technology will allow authorities and users to verify the authenticity of the products, as well as see the cannabinoid composition, the provenance certification and the production length. In addition, it will allow effective institutional control in countries where the cultivation and therapeutic use of cannabis is legal while ensuring the safety of the producers. Among other things, it will prevent the manipulation of certified content during the supply chain process.  

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