The New British Cannabis Patient Card

In the UK, a patient implemented an official British cannabis patient card to protect cannabis users from police harassment. 

The anxiety that comes with the fear of getting busted for possession is in fact global, even in jurisdictions where cannabis has become legal. 

Last fall, a patient in the UK led an initiative to create the British cannabis patient card, also known as CanCard. The idea originates from Carly Barton, leading UK patient advocate who got supported by high-ranking police officers and even national politicians. 

This card will help protect patients as well as help finding prescribing physicians. The British cannabis patient card scheme has partnered with the Primary Care Cannabis Network (PCCN) run by an NHS general practitioner, Dr. Leon Barron. 

More than 20,000 patients have signed up for the card since its launch last fall. 

Current legislation in regards to medical cannabis in the UK

Medicinal cannabis became legal in the UK in 2018. However, most versions of the drug are extremely expensive, which leads eligible patients (about 1 million people according to conservative estimates) who can’t afford such costs to get their medication via other means. This population is at risk of arrest and confiscation of their medicine on a daily basis. Even though medical cannabis has been “legalized” for about two years, the Brexit forced patients to obtain cannabis just via the NHS. 

The hypocrisy behind the law

As of 2018, the UK was still the largest exporter of medical cannabinoid medicines in the word according to the United Nations. A paradox for a country that refused this medicine to its own citizens. Former Prime Minister Theresa May’s husband was actually a major stockholder in the exporting company of medicinal cannabis. 

How Does The British Cannabis Patient Card Works?

Patients need to sign up to the platform and submit required documentation which includes a copy of national ID, NHS number, doctor’s name, email and practice. The card has an administration fee of about $25. Once the patient obtains the card, the individual is considered a legal cannabis patient in regards to the police who can exercise discretion by understanding that the patient is medicating their condition as best as they can.

Even though the government is moving slowly on the reformation of the UK’s cannabis policy, the implementation of this card shows that a large number of organized federally licensed practitioners as well as authorities are recognizing the legitimacy of cannabis as medicine.

A couple of days ago, Cannadaily informed you that Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London had just announced that he will “examine” the benefits of cannabis decriminalization if he is re-elected. If this program gets real in London, the largest city in the UK, it will have a huge influence on the rest of the country. 

Want to know our opinion? It’s about time we get a hemp tea with the Queen!

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